Ivo Widlak has been a journalist for over 2 decades. His ability to deliver news and command an audience facilitated his rising through the ranks of Polish journalism to land him positions hosting television programs at the largest network in the country. Widlak’s broadcast proficiency includes editing and production, filming and hosting. He added an international dimension to his experience in 2000, when he took the opportunity to host and produce a series on the United States’ democratic system and other social issues. Widlak also has experience on the other side of press releases as a public relations specialist – a position he held at a software company responsible for informing the public about the Y2K effect. He has also worked as a publicist and social journalist for an internet portal where he wrote dozens of social reports. His work was investigative,undercover in some instances, and controversial – one piece was about meeting people for sex on the internet. He then spent a month traveling Poland with three A-list artists and promoting a commercial radio station at the 30 concerts he attended as part of a campaign for Radio Zet, the second-largest commercial radio station in the country. In 2000, he organized, wrote script and directed the biggest charity concert in Polish history to celebrate World AIDS Day in Poland, an accomplishment of which he is extremely proud. Widlak now works as a freelance journalist in Chicago, where he has been a special correspondent for Polish Public Broadcaster and other media outlets. He created his own 30-minute talk show titled Ivo Na Zywo (Ivo Live) on TVP Chicago which aired on Sunday evenings and prepared a hosted daily 30-minute news program. Since August 2009 he has been an Editor-in-chief of a couple on internet based news providers.  In March 31, 2010 he established the Polish Cultural Institute in Chicago.

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